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  • LJHCA Holds Annual Customer Service Seminar

    The La Jolla HVAC Contractors’ Association (LJHCA) has recently held its annual customer service seminar, this time in La Jolla, San Diego. For this year, they invited renowned customer experience guru Reuben Dawson. Dawson has written several books, and a sought after speaker on customer experience owing to his over 30 year experience in the customer care industry.


    The seminar was attended by close to two hundred members, and had an open forum towards the end of the program. “The seminar was very interactive, and we can see that the members have enjoyed listening in, and participating. We know they have a lot of takeaways from the session,” says LJHCA President Phil Thompson.


    Thompson says they have always endeavored to inculcate into their members’ minds the importance of providing a great customer experience for each of their clients, so that they could get repeat business, referrals, and generally satisfy their customer’s requirements.


    “Customer experience is evolving. There are more and more technologies out there that could help make the customer experience better, and unfortunately at the same breath, these technologies can likewise immediately spread displease in case the customers have not been satisfied with how we performed as service providers. It is crucial at this day and age that we get a whole grasp of this and continue to prioritize expertise with customer service excellence,” says Dawson.


    Dawson says they always emphasize that HVAC Contractors most likely offer the same suit of services, and so customer experience is what they can uniquely provide. “Customer experience will differentiate them from their competitors. You know how a homeowner would appreciate promptness, politeness, willingness to explain every detail of the work to be done. Going the extra mile. Cleaning up after the work area. All of these are taken into consideration each time they would need another repair, they would need to upgrade, or someone asks them if they can refer a good HVAC contractor.


    Customer experience sets all businesses apart, and the great thing about it is that it is not capital intensive. You can be a family owned small business contractor but you can compete with the type of customer experience provided for by the big guys. At the end of the day it will always be about the attitude, the mindset of everyone starting from the front liners who take calls and inquiries, the certified HVAC technician, and the after-sales people who will handle the concerns,” emphasizes Dawson.


    The LJHCA says that due to the demand of those who have not been able to attend the seminar but have heard really positive feedback about it, they will be conducting a webinar on customer experience. They again invited Dawson to be the webinar speaker.



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